Not a GA Outreach Committee Divison

It has been brought to our attention that there was some confusion regarding Student Voices uOttawa’s role in the SFUO General Assembly on November 12th. Three of our members were on the GA Outreach Committee. After two months of persuading fellow GA Outreach Committee members to implement the suggested action steps, our members decided that the committee was not bringing the results they were hoping for. As a result of this frustration, Student Voices uOttawa was formed. They officially resigned from the GA Outreach Committee after the GA.

Student Voices uOttawa was never an official GA Outreach Committee division and did not act on behalf of the SFUO.

We apologize if anybody has been confused regarding Student Voices uOttawa’s status. We are an independent political campus movement and will be announcing our mandate and mission in detail very soon. Thank you for your understanding.