Al Franken: The Obvious Setup and Liberals Took the Bait
S. Novi

Thank you so much for writing this. I am a raging feminist and advocate for sexual assault victims. I make no apologies for right or left wing offenders. I could not agree more with what you said but would go further. If I thought Tweeden were credible I would believe her. But I really implore people to WATCH the first video where she describes the offending event. Before I knew who she was and her connections I knew she was lying. She closes her eyes, looks down and blinks so much that you can’t see her eyes. Really obvious lie tells. She struggles to tell the story and uses a lot of hand gestures. But then she says that she’s been angry about it for 10 years. The story should have flowed like melted butter. Compare this to the video interviews with the Moore accusers. These are not media savvy women. But they look confident in telling their stories and the words flow easily. They don’t look away, even though they feel embarrassed and upset. One cries and her nose runs. But she never looks away. These are women who are telling something real.Tweeden is VERY used to being in front of the camera and microphone and she has made a career out of the sexual exploitation and objectification of women. She sure wouldn’t be emotionally shaken or embarrassed to talk about a forced kiss as a grown ass woman in her 30s on a tour entertaining the troops. I don’t believe Franken did anything wrong — you can’t grope someone through a flak jacket for f**** sake! Nor does she even look asleep in that photo. She looks too perfect. (Ever had a picture taken of yourself asleep sitting up? Rarely are they so pretty.) But a gag photo and a kiss sketch would definitely not be a haunting experience that she needed to tell. She’s been selling her body & sexuality for years and hanging out at Fox News. This isn’t slut-shaming. The point is that she has surely been around the most outwardly piggish men and sexist cultural environments. She’s cool selling herself as soft porn mastabutory fodder for millions. But we are supposed to believe that a smart kind-hearted feminist comedian doing a juvenile gag (where raunchy juvenile gags are basically the whole point of the trip!) is her 10 year nightmare that she needs to tell the world about? Give me a break! None of it holds any water. Girls and women are being horribly victimized. Her BS story not only hurts a political target, she hurts all of us with real stories of survival and our effort to make real change. As do people who shut off their brains and believe every silly thing they hear. Perhaps it is time for everyone to read To Kill a Mockingbird.

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