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Sustainable Practices in the Fashion Industry — Rag & Bone

What are Sustainable Practices?

By definition, sustainable practices are the processes services employ to maintain the qualities that are valued in the physical environment. It relates not only to the natural world but also to other important issues, such as poverty, consumption, community, and health.

In the context of the fashion industry, the qualities that we valued include but not limited to finite natural resources, worker rights, environmental protection, and greenhouse gases. In order to protect the current environment and eager for a healthier earth, sustainable practices are any regulation, policy or action that employed by a brand, employee or customer, with the goal of reducing or eliminating the environmental harm from the production to the user. Unlike individual responsibility, every single shareholder can take up actions to fulfill the final goal. For instance, from the plant growing side, farmers can grow more organic plants which use less pesticide; brands can save tons of paper by using recycled shopping bags; customers can push the awareness further by conducting circular behaviors to prolong the lifespan of clothes.

Rag & Bone and its move toward sustainability

Rag & Bone launched its first collection in 2002. As the founder, Marcus Wainwright, has a British background, the brand combines British heritage with directional and model design. Also, Rag & Bone has become synonymous with innately wearable clothing that innovatively melds classic tailoring with an edgy yet New York aesthetic.

In 2007, Rag & Bone started its first sustainable program after partnered with Cotton Corporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green. On the official website, you can see ‘The denim recycling project’ under ‘Our programs’. This denim recycling project provides all the customers with a place where they could discard unwanted or unfitted denim. In addition, to be more persuasive and burning, the brand offers 20 percent discount for full price jean pants, jean jackets, jean shorts, or jean skirts on the same day of the donation. Below is the screenshot from the official website.

Check out more information on the website:

Blue Jeans Go Green

Check out more information on the website:

Sustainable practice and environmental responsibility.

5 Sustainable Luxury Designers For Eco-Friendly Fashion.

Rag & Bones official website.

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