Do you have a Protective mindset, or a Proactive mindset?
Jon Westenberg

This idea is strongly connected to a sort of dilemma I’m moving through right now. A series of situations that reoccur because I have too much of a protective mindset. Always related to some innate unwillingness to participate essentially. Always relieved and nearly totally dissolved with a disregard for worry of what may come and proactive attachment to what I want to do with what I know and want to come, or, create. I just wanted to thank you because this comes on the morning after another sort of disappointing incident. However, the realization is most suitable and as simple as I’d prefer it to be, almost like it’s one of my own. Many thanks for your writing John!

I’m going to continue my proactive attitude despite my protectiveness of myself.

I have far too much work to accomplish to be stuck behind glass doors built of my own reserve

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