Nice idea !!! .How this is going to be different from

Hey Sivaram! Thanks for showing interest in UnderstandBetter. We want to promote open and transparent communication accross all levels of the company. We’re really good at building teams, and we took that knowledge and embodied it in this product. We try to focus on the entire loop of upper management to employee communication, not just on gathering feedback. With UnderstandBetter we try to hit on the three major holes in communication,

  1. MeetMe Cards (ignites conversation) 
    Helps get rid of the awkwardness of getting to know your team. Beautifully designed cards that can be used internally/externally by employees.
  2. Catch-Ups (promotes two-way communication) 
    Allows people to respond to questions that managers might not have thought of earlier. Lets people voice out concerns they might have held back.
  3. Memories “Facebook Memories for Companies” (strengthens bonds) 
    Automatically gathered moments of the company’s journey that are splashed across the home page yearly. A kind of “Facebook Memories for Companies”.

This is just the tip of the mountain, we’ve got AMAs, OneOnOnes and so much more. Checkout for more info. :)

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