Hello Community!

We are glad to announce that Swachhcoin is hiring its 2nd batch of interns. A talented batch of interns helps our organization prosper tremendously as it allows us to reduce the workload on our core team, allowing them to focus on more critical subjects. …

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Hello Community!

In the recent past, while we have been busy working towards BUIDLing the first of its kind, the solution to this waste management crisis, the support of our community as a whole is amazing. We have received numerous constructive feedbacks and suggestions. …

Hello Community!

It has been a hectic last few weeks at our workplace. We have been working hard to fulfill our development objectives as per our roadmap.

The development milestones allocated for Q1 of 2019 wrapped up on 26th April 2019 making us almost 30 days behind on our development…

Hello Community !

Hope you are well.
We would like to inform everyone that our KYC process will be concluded in the next 24 hours after the publish of this article.
The intimation about the induction of KYC process was announced on 4th of February across all channels with 15th February as…

We are happy to share that trading of Swachhcoin (SWACH) on P2PB2B began successfully earlier this week.

P2PB2B is Swachhcoin’s first exchange listing, and it is tradable with BTC currently. You can check Swachhcoin’s listing and learn more about P2PB2B here: https://p2pb2b.io/

P2PB2B is a CoinMarketCap-listed major cryptocurrency exchange and we are honored to be joining their community, they are a fast-growing TOP 15 EXCHANGE with excellent user experience, low commissions, and multi-language support.

Good day, dear Swachhcoin community members!

We need to announce important information to our community.
Some of ICO participants, promoters, bounty hunters and airdrop participants have not yet passed KYC procedure, we extend the final date till 15th March 2019, no entries will be entertained after this time period.

Please note that:
- The scan should be clearly visible with enough lighting;
- Do not make a selfie photo, we need only the scan or photo of your document;
- If your document has information on the backside upload both sides.

Please note, that if the verification fails, you will be sent an email indicating to re-upload the docs for the verification process.

For any questions contact this email — info@swachhcoin.com

As you know, within the recent months we have been negotiating with exchanges all over the world about listing our coin, and today we are pleased to announce, that this February #Swachhcoin will be listed on 2 exchanges.

Currently, we are arranging listings with a number of other exchanges in…

Hello Community!

Hope you are well.

Over the last few days, we have seen considerable positive developments in the crypto space. The general price movement trend in the market has been, more or less, healthy. …

Hello Community!

We are pleased to inform you that our KYC process is almost complete. Thanks to our active community, most of the Swachh Token Holders have completed their KYC process. We shall be sending out the reminder to people who have not yet completed their KYC and also extending…

Recycling, simply put is the recovery and reprocessing of waste materials into new products. The primary phases involved in recycling are the collection of waste materials, their sorting, and then processing or manufacturing into new products. Examples of materials that can be recycled include iron and steel scrap, aluminum cans…


Aiming to implement & validate a system integrated w/ blockchain providing a robust, sustainable and efficient solution to revolutionise the waste management.

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