Swachhcoin Airdrop Campaign

Swachhcoin Main ICO Round 1 is Now LIVE !

In case you wish to buy Swachh Tokens at a discount in excess of 20%. Visit www.swachhcoin.com and contribute NOW!

Remember, the Discount will decrease gradually every week over the period of token sale.

Rush NOW before the Discount decreases.

In order to reflect back the love and appreciation that our community has showered on us, we are launching an AirDrop campaign where we will be rewarding our supporter for doing small promotional tasks on Social Media.

The details of the AirDrop campaign are as follows:

Swachhcoin is airdropping 100 SCX (~$7.5) tokens to Airdrop Participants.

Price of 1 SCX without bonus is 0.075 USD

In order to earn 100 SCX tokens, participants will have to simply join a few Swachhcoin’s official social media handles and complete 3 small and promotion tasks on Social Media. Complete instructions for Claiming Airdrop tokens are given below.

How to Take part?

1. Fill in the Airdrop form by clicking here.

  • Enter your name, E-mail address, and ERC20 wallet address. (Myetherwallet, Metamask, Jazz)

2. Join our Official discussion group on Telegram.

  • Reward: 25 SCX
  • No spamming allowed at all.

3. Like Swachhcoin’s Official Facebook Page

  • Like, comment and Share the pinned Post on Swachhcoin’s profile using hashtags #Swachhcoin #ICO #Blockchain #ETH #crypto and link to the website: https://www.swachhcoin.com
  • Reward 25 SCX

4. Follow Swachhcoin’s official Twitter handle.

  • Like, comment and Retweet the pinned Tweet on Swachhcoin profile using hashtags #Swachhcoin #ICO #Blockchain #ETH #crypto and link to the website: https://www.swachhcoin.com
  • Reward: 25 SCX

5. Follow Swachhcoin’s official Medium handle.

  • Comment and Clap on the latest post by Swachhcoin
  • Reward: 25 SCX

That’s it. You are now entitled to claim 100 SCX tokens. The distribution of tokens shall be done within 7 days of the end of ICO.

In the meanwhile, Swachhcoin is counting on your continued support throughout its ICO campaign. The strength of our community and your belief in our mission to reward you for your time, data and attention are helping Swachhcoin grow exponentially in attaining Global attention for its noble mission.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already signed up to participate in our Airdrop, but in case you haven’t, we’ll be taking sign-ups through August 28th. You can find the application form here.

We love you guys and are humbled by your support towards Swachhcoin.

In case of any discrepancies, report your issues at bounty@swachhcoin.com

Best Wishes

Team Swachhcoin