Godmen, a Threat to Indian society and culture

Since centuries if India is known to the world then it is due to its Society and Culture. India is having such a rich culture due to the lessons and teachings that had been given by our Godmen. This pious land is the land of lord Srikrishna, lord Rama, lord Buddha, Guru Nanak and many greater Godmen, so how could be Godmen be a threat to our society and culture? They are the builders of our culture. Starting from the mythology to modern India we had numerous Godmen who have sacrificed a lot to bind India in a chain of culture and tradition.

Definition: Godman doesn’t always mean the incarnation of god, they are the holy one who have spent their life for the service of mankind and spreading of spirituality among people so that they can get the aim of their life. Even lord Sri Krishna also believed everyone as the Godman who uphold the rule of dharma. If we look upon our past, we can find many godmen.

Mythology: As stated above there were many godmen of Hindus who have led the foundation of Hinduism. Even in Jainism they believe 24 Jain muni as incarnation of God. Muslims follow Prophet Mohammad who was also a godman. Even Jesus is himself told as the son of god.

History: In the late 19th century when the tribal people were humiliated by Dikus (Outsiders) then came, the savior, Birsa Munda. He fought for the rights and golden age of tribal people. He was considered as the godman for them. When the leprosy patients were abandoned by the society, then came Mother Teresa, Baba amte who were godmen for those patients. The peasants of Champaran who were forced to plant indigo were having faith on their Godman Gandhiji. How should be an ideal godman one can know perfectly from Swami Vivekananda. Our past significantly says we had our idol godmen.

Present: I don’t agree that in present era we don’t have any Godmen to guide us and bring peace for us. If this wasn’t true, then the renowned Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t have travelled to India in their initial days of struggle. I guess most of us fail to recognize the true leader. Even today many gurus and saints like SriSri, Sadguru are trying to guide and show the path towards spirituality not only in India but also internationally. We have a clear evidence that Godman are not threat to society but what have made us to think about the topic again?

Problem: The real problem lies not with Godman but with self-proclaimed Godmen. It’s because of them why we are discussing about them again. It’s not first time we have heard about some fraud sadhu or baba, now it’s becoming a trend. Whether it’s in Rohtak or Kendrapada, Odisha, the moto and crimes made by the babas are same, now this is seen pan India. Many popular babas who were once godmen for mob are now behind the bars. Now the question arises who are actually these babas and how they become so popular and wealthy?

These self-proclaimed Godmen are ordinary men who are quite clever and eventually a good orator who knows how to influence the innocent and illiterate mass. Superstitious believes have been prevailed in India since centuries and these Self-proclaimed godmen take the advantages of this. They misinterpret the mythology and with some mystic activities, influence the innocent mob and make them to believe them as godmen. When science couldn’t explain the reason we say that ‘miracle’ and yes we know that till now we haven’t discovered all the sciences around us and so do miracles happen and these babas use this as their tool. Second reason for flourishing of these godmen network is inadequate development. In the 21th century we are having a huge population who are deprived of single meal a day. We are having a mass of around 30% we are still illiterate. These godmen give some food and shelter and exploit them to the fullest. They have to maintain their legitimacy so they run hospitals, schools and colleges. But these services are not aimed for mankind service rather they have become a source of income for them. They are involved in human trafficking, prostitution and even child and girl abuse. It is seen that many times not only the illiterate mass but even educated people get influenced by these fraud people. The reason behind it is the misguidance. People in search of peace and spirituality fall in the trap of fraud godmen. The situation becomes more vulnerable when the politicians get involved with these self-proclaimed godmen. This makes the fraud babas stronger and powerful. Many industrialists and corrupt people have got a way to make their black money into white by giving donations in their charity. These godmen are not only exploiting the innocent mob but also instablising our economy. These godmen are seen with arms and their own made force who often creates disturbances in the society. They are really a threat to our society and our culture. These problems are needed to be solved immediately.

Solution: As we know the reasons behind the problem, so finding solutions shouldn’t be so difficult although implementation might be difficult. The foremost solution is the awareness. We have to aware everyone with the help of media and social network about these fraud people. Movies like PK have played a significant role in this case. Secondly our politicians must be away from these people. As Dr. Ambedkar had warned “Bhakti in religion may be a road to the salvation of soul but in politics, Bhakti is sure to degradation and eventually dictatorship.” We should keep religion and politics separate. New laws and acts like black magic act should be formed. The wealth of the charities and other institution run by the Godmen should be audited and it should be made mandatory to show the list of donors and expenditures for transparency. As it has been done now, the apex body of all religions like done by Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parisad to give the list of fraud Godmen so that people can be aware of them.

Conclusion: I know these people have created a strong base but they can be rooted out. We can’t let our society and culture to be in stake after all the sacrifices of Gandhiji, Mother Teresa and others can’t go in vain. India is a country which was earlier known for its culture and I know it will be known for its culture even in future generations.