What is “Viral Marketing” and How does it Work?

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Are you aware of Viral Marketing? Do you know, what is it? Are you thinking, a product goes viral just like that or accidentally? Or behind every viral product there is a planned marketing strategy!

In this blog, I will explain about Viral Marketing and how it works. I will also discuss the benefits of Viral Marketing.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing is a marketing strategy that includes the audience as the major part of their brand promotion process. Usually, the viewers share the content among themselves and it happens so fast that the content is shared with a larger group of audience within no time. Social media are the platforms where these viral marketing take place. A planned viral marketing strategy can become a game changer for your product or brand. Viral marketing emphasizes organic and voluntary distribution of content with the help of viewers.

What are the Advantages of Viral Marketing?

Cost Effective: Viral Marketing campaigns are cost effective in nature because the viewers themselves do marketing for that particular brand. It will no doubt decrease the advertising and distribution cost of the business organization to a great extent.

Larger Audience Base or Better Exposure: A viral marketing campaign on the Internet has the potential to reach a larger group of audience as compared to other marketing strategies. So, your brand content gets better exopsure. New business organizations or small scale business organizations can get more benefited by this viral marketing strategy.

Strengthen Your Brand Image: A viral marketing technique can help to strengthen your brand image. All you need to prepare a content that can create a strong impact on the viewers, so that they would love to share it more frequently.

How does the Viral Marketing strategy work?

Viral marketing strategy is the easiest marketing strategy that can be implemented both by an individual and organization. In a viral marketing campaign, you are required to create strong and attractive content that can connect your targeted audience with your brand instantly. The more they can relate, the more they will feel connected. Make your message loud and clear. Use appropriate infographics wherever necessary in order to make your content more attractive. Don’t go for too lengthy and clumsy content. After creating the content, you have to upload it on social media for promotion. According to the dispersion method of brand content, these brand content can be categorized into two categories, those are:- visible and concealed. In case of visible brand content, your brand logo/ name will be visible to the viewers from the beginning. They can clearly see and know which brand content they are watching and sharing. But in case of concealed brand content, the brand name/ logo gets displayed later. Among these two, visible brand content gets popularity easily. Because, from the beginning to end throughout the content brand name/ logo will get displayed. So in case someone skipped a portion of the content, then also they can know easily which brand content they are watching. Sometimes the audience can find concealed brand content a little bit suspicious. If you are choosing concealed brand content, take special care that your audience doesn’t lose trust. Never ever choose to spam social media with the content. If a person receives the same message again and again a lot of times, that user may feel annoyed and may lose interest in your content. Therefore, decide a safe frequency of content sharing before making it viral. Choose an appropriate platform for your brand content. A very attractive brand content shared on a wrong platform is completely useless. So, be careful about choosing the platform. Apart from all of this, you can provide attractive offers or incentives to those viewers who will choose to be a part of your brand promotion by sharing your content widely.

All brand content can’t be so lucky to go viral automatically or accidentally. So, you need to work hard to implement these strategies of viral marketing in order to beat your competitors.

Thanks for reading.

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