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In reading this it truly saddened me that you would generalize that those whom believe in choosing life are so anti woman. As a woman, one who has suffered through a number of the things that you mention in your article, I took particular care to use birth control, so as to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. In being a victim of sexual assault, I can not imagine how killing a baby created would have made me feel better about the assault. But, it could have been a blessing to a childless couple, or it could have been a human being that would have brought greatness to our world. I was not in that position, and for that I am grateful. In being pro life, that in now way means that I feel those less fortunate should be relegated to a life of poverty, inferior schools, bouncing from foster care home to foster care home, etc.

I was not able to attend the pro life march, but I was proud of the people who were able to do so. Peacefully assembling and conducting themselves with dignity towards each other, those whom disagreed with their position and with the environment. They did not leave the streets littered with their signs, burned flags and offensive costumes. So, while you may disagree with the position, please take note that while you may have a lot to say that would try and put the pro life movement supporters in a poor, somewhat selfish, light, they did nothing to disgrace or embarrass themselves, their families, their gender, sexual orientation or country of origin.

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