1. All SWAGG NETWORK creations;
  2. SWAGG DROPS before public;
  3. SWAGG GRANTS to community initiated projects;
  4. SWAGG REWARDS for valuable content sharing;
  5. Redeem community creations with the network token $SWAGG;
  6. Propose and vote on SWAGG community actions.
  1. Connection of minds (Sense of belonging);
  2. Connection of spirit (Self meaning in the crypto space);
  3. Connection of the citizen (Align with another to increase your ability for impact);
  4. Connection of people (Reminder that you are not alone);
  1. Create.
  2. Inspire.
  3. Collab.
  4. Be yourself.
  5. Trade experiences.
  6. Everything should be a conversation.
  7. Be vulnerable with each other.
  8. Make personal connections.
  9. Become a sample to another.
  10. Have fun.
  11. Enjoy the ride.




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