The Community. The Collective Collab Room. The Passion Playground.

“Passion is not something we have, it’s who we are as a cosmic destiny.” — KIMURA

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always created passion experiences that are a reflection of who I am, as an individual and a creator.

With SWAGG the goal has always been to cultivate and expand that passion, through this weird intersection between crypto, culture, community and collaborative creativity.

Today, I am excited to take this vision one step further by introducing SWAGG HOUSE and SWAGG NETWORK.


SWAGG HOUSE is a $SWAGG token holders only participatory community, focused on collaboration, authenticity and creativity. A place where you can share your passions freely and openly, support one another and connect deeply with people that share common unity and values with you.

Additionally, SWAGG HOUSE gives you access to:

  1. All SWAGG NETWORK creations;
  2. SWAGG DROPS before public;
  3. SWAGG GRANTS to community initiated projects;
  4. SWAGG REWARDS for valuable content sharing;
  5. Redeem community creations with the network token $SWAGG;
  6. Propose and vote on SWAGG community actions.

Follow this link on how to join the SWAGG HOUSE group or feel free to reach out on twitter for more details.


SWAGG HOUSE will be the place for “common unity” where we value:

  1. Connection of minds (Sense of belonging);
  2. Connection of spirit (Self meaning in the crypto space);
  3. Connection of the citizen (Align with another to increase your ability for impact);
  4. Connection of people (Reminder that you are not alone);


We are working with the amazing abridged team and Roll to first roll out the private Telegram group. The group is open for anyone to join, as long as they are passionate about community unity, have a participatory mindset and are in line with our core values (SEE OUR CODE OF PRACTICE AT THE BOTTOM).

Also to avoid spammers and pure speculators, you will need to hold at least 400 $SWAGG in your Metamask Wallet to enter the group. Please note that if anytime your wallet available amount is less than the required (400 $SWAGG) the bot will automatically ban you from the group.

Additionally, any member with more than 10,000 $SWAGG can propose any voting actions for future SWAGG governance. When a proposal is created, $SWAGG token holders can submit their votes through Collective Curation (eg. vote.kodehype.com). We are curious to see how the community uses this mechanism to create a future that is not just an improvement, but also that is deeply connecting and fulfilling.



SWAGG NETWORK is the start of an experiment to make SWAGG 100% community-owned and “belonging”, where all members’ interests are equally aligned. This won’t be possible without YOU. We want to become the PLACE to GO for an infinite creativity flow and distribution in the crypto space, where our common values and passions shape our creations’ output and influence an entire movement.

SWAGG NETWORK will be a series of collective co-creations, co-curation & collabs that will have their own tokenomics and governance. These will be governed collectively by the community members that are selected through our voting system (cool kids called them DAO — Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Below are the list of collective creations that are set to launch in the upcoming weeks.


Limited edition drop series. Digi-physical, NFT and wearables.


Series of podcasts that dive deep into the minds of creators and our most active members.


Hype news about speculative fashion, culture, streetwear and crypto.


Instagram Live. Gossip. Live Events and performative streaming.


SWAGG has a total supply of 10 Million with a 3 year vesting. Out of the total supply, a minimum of 1,000,000 $SWAGG will be reserved for community grants and rewards and additional 2,000,000 $SWAGG will be reserved for community issuance.


$SWAGG was minted on top of Roll, the go to blockchain platform for social money. Roll sees a world where the value of digital communities can extend beyond any platform. I think communities like $SWAGG are the beginning of something huge and I’m excited to share this with you. You can check out the $SWAGG contract here.

Thanks Bradley Miles for the invaluable feedback and support, the abridged team James and all early members and supporters on Twitter and Cent for the feedback.


  1. Create.
  2. Inspire.
  3. Collab.
  4. Be yourself.
  5. Trade experiences.
  6. Everything should be a conversation.
  7. Be vulnerable with each other.
  8. Make personal connections.
  9. Become a sample to another.
  10. Have fun.
  11. Enjoy the ride.

Follow this link on how to join the SWAGG HOUSE group or feel free to reach out on twitter for more details.



Roll Rewards

$SWAGG on Uniswap

$SWAGG contract here.


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