Why every musician should have their own mobile app

It’s not enough to rely solely upon social media as a means to engage with your fans these days

A dedicated mobile app can cut through the noise of all other channels to keep them deeply connected and cultivate meaningful relationships.

Why is it so effective? Mobile apps allow you to deliver your message and interact with your fan base within an ecosystem that is uniquely tailored to your brand.

Think of the many powerful features that you’ll be able to leverage:

  • Send targeted push notifications to alert fans to new music and events — studies show this offers the optimal level of engagement (>95% open rate on push notifications vs. <20% on emails)
  • Share and sell your tracks via an integrated music player
  • Offer in-app ticket purchasing
  • ​Integrate a full scale e-commerce channel for your merchandise
  • Curate media galleries to keep fans visually connected to your experiences
  • Showcase your calendar of appearances and tours
  • Build your newsletter subscriptions
  • Incorporate your social media feeds and encourage viral sharing
  • Reward loyal fans that “check in” at your appearances
  • Develop and foster relationships with entertainment venues

As the technology has advanced, costs have dropped dramatically and it has become surprisingly simple to launch an app. The return on investment is more compelling than ever.

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