Justin Sun’s Tron Puts Craig Wright In His Place

If you are familiar with either Justin sun or Craig Wright on twitter you know there is a running feud between the CEO’s.

Tron has been getting a lot of attention recently with the news of a Bit-Torrent token being build on the Tron network and the several dApps coming to the eco system. While bitcoin “Jesus” Craig Wright has been having a hard time on twitter with constant criticism of the bitcoin SV Hard fork causing a major hash war between the formally allied Bitcoin SV and Bitcoincash ABC teams.

But Justin Sun’s tron pulled the rabbit of the hat on January 7th by over taking Craig Wrights Bitcoin SV, With Justin posting on twitter about how Tron will surpass Bitcoin SV and tagging Craig in it.

Justin Sun will be having the last laugh today.

Tron — Ranked 9th — Market cap $1,762,315,594 — Trade volume $322,446,635

Bitcoin SV — Ranked 10th — Market cap $1,555,416,491 — Trade volume $47,520,610