feared or loved

We give out so much negative energy to “don’t be negative” come into the light Carol Ann nonsense that what is perpetuated is not what is meant.

The fear of feeling bad is rampant. Who thinks of this dumb shit about bringing light of goodness to situations. That’s the talk that will keep us in trouble from attempts to remain non feeling. Our strength can’t be born if not tested.

Darkness is all consuming it holds everything we can not see as clearly or apparently, uncertainty lives in the dark.

Why would one avoid coming out of darkness. Everything, is more powerful than the light, when spoken about in the same context, because of the meaning given to it. Take back your power.

I would rather be feared than loved if power was the motivation in mind. I get so annoyed with the association of light and dark with adversity it just sound so made up.

wtf does one have to do with the other. I will wait on the answer from you positive people.


When I am uncertain; what lie ahead. I reach for nothing. I remain desperate consumed by faith. I am colorless.
Darkness, is washing down the drain.
Cleansing a path by making the space to be filled again. I can not see what I do not need.

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