Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

I think this is an opinion, certainly not my experience with Twitter. I am an Author — I tweet books, my books, any books; I like or the books of an Author I like and want to help. So true, I do belong to click lists, they chose me. I’m not sure what some even are though, the commonality prevails. Like tribes, minds #’s etc. congregate to discuss what they are into. I think it’s a good thing.

I don’t have abuse issues other than a developer ruined my .com website then, tried to sell it back to me. He can have it. I have met many people I that think in a way, I do. I was gagged to know so many others know things I know, for instance — being empathic. I look at tweets as encouragement to keep following my heart.

If people would stop labeling themselves, needing to be right. Open minds to new dialogues, from others. I think a mob mentality surfaces from time to time when ego gets in the way of production, education, positive thinking, poetry etc. Since I was hacked but, it doesn’t define who I am. My statistics do that and not accurately, I add.

The entire world is listening people want to be heard... Twitter is no different from anyone else pimping their members to pay and get followers. Lol! There probably would be a lot less dialogue if followers were eliminated across the board. I have three or four thousand followers fall off every month they send me a letter and say, “We think your account is hacked.” “I know,” I say “Can you fix it?” They never answer I realize I am responding to an email that I can’t respond to that is the most aggravating. The poor customer service online with FAQ pages I can’t stand them. Arggh!

Twitter is connected to everything — everywhere, I can tweet one time and it go to all my websites. I love them doing this for me costs nothing. I can not do that anywhere else I know of with, as many connections. Bounces through about 11 websites. Twitter is about getting connected to your peer group or target market. Period.

Wasting your time if wanting anymore from it. That’s been my experience anyway. Block a negative user if needed, I have been blocked when I did not agree with the hosts opinion on periscope. I don’t give a damn, I don’t need to be right. I want to be understood by the people who like me and not the most popular. I want to exchange ideas with others and Twitter has given me that and more.

Thank you, for the opportunity to share with you.