Life by Andrea N Carr

What is it?

Life is nothing more than existing. I have no other message to give. I am up, I am down. I am hiding, I am exposed. What is that?


I am an empath, I feel nothing. I am lost, I am found. Who really, knows me? Do I know, myself. Is it to God or my Mother to which, does my soul speak.

The purpose is eternal life. If I am good, it is said. I can be forgiven also, it is said, of any sin. I am confused. What should I do. If I care, if I don’t care. Will my fate be the same.


One must know a bit about me, I believe. To get the full meaning of this poem. No secret about the estranged relationship between my Mother and I.

I was thinking about doing what our parents tell us. Mine were crazy far as I am concerned. I didn’t know that then but, I knew they were not right. I sought God, looking for guidance. I found He had problems.

Geeze, lol. How could God have problems with his own creation. He did. Choosing to do with our Lives is a choice we make. But, if someone doesn’t get what he wanted from us then, there is a conflict of interest.

I decided that it won’t be mine. The whole concept is too much for me to digest. It just makes no sense. If I try to have compassion for others, I am good with me.

That is all I can ever truly be.

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