Privilege and inequality in Silicon Valley
Ricky Yean

Omg I could throw up. You were obviously born with the strength of a leader. Clearly having no choice in the matter from young. Growing up too quick, man of the house. When you were too young emotionally to have the responsibility of taking care of your family.

If that didn’t happen to you, do you feel life for you would be different. Get over it; easier said than done. You are an Alpha male in my book but, simply lack decision making confidence an old habit from childhood.

You had no business being a man when you were a boy. The thing is everyone can see something in you, clearly you do not.

How does a 14 year old get a job? You tell me how, I will wait. Are you kidding me, call it what you want. God, I love you. You can fail, so what.

Sounds like you had nothing to lose. But failing makes a clear path to success. Your parents should not have done that to you. Don’t hold it against them. We do the best we can.

Hire your Dad to work for you and turn the beast around. I meant beat. Lol! Quit trippin.