The Internet Face

Are we so different from one or the other person here. Better be. Internet game face, representative. I think, not all of us are ready to show up.

The face shown here, I have a nagging suspicion, can not be the one I would meet face to face. It wouldn’t be mine.

Yet, we are the same things, no doubt in my mind. The common and most significant denominator is being vulnerable.

Let me explain, in order to be heard, we must speak in a way that others will want to listen. I am sure there is research on it but, I cannot be bothered with that to some degree.

I must do my own research to how or when others listen to me. My thing is not to convince others of anything but, for sure be understood.

Hopefully, one makes a related connection and applies the experience to their own decisions. What works for me will not necessarily work or be understood, by others in the same way I try to convey my content. That’s far me to figure out.

I been reading different things here all week. The most profound one story that stood out for me was a lady writing about her personal life.

How she wants the go ahead to be her real self with her Internet audience, whatever you want to call them now. “Followers” that’s it right, anyway all these labels get on my nerves. Internet and text slang is a article of itself to write about. Certain someone has already.

Why say YA when, one can simply say, young adult is clear. It creates an in-crowd that’s why, it’s very smart marketing if used properly. It forces others to find out if they want to be in the know. That doesn’t work on me. Forces me to get annoyed with it quickly. Anyway.

People want to to belong and be hip. I do. But, I want to set my own trends not follow them. I want FAQ pages eliminated because they are impersonal, self serving with blatant poor customer support.

I understand them though, I would never treat a customer with such dismissal especially when needing help. I can’t say enough bad, about it. Lol. I mean it.

Does everything have to boil down to dollars and cents. People respond to how they are made to feel. My view is only, from that of a small business owner. At the point where, I lose intimacy with my clients I don’t want to do it anymore.

If I am too busy to sit down and support the needs of my clients; I have no business with them. Do discounts come into play with self service? They should. I am not being paid for self service. Neither are you or anyone else doing business.

Customer service is at an all time low these days. You know, who you are, guilty of this nonsense. Charge more, don’t do less. More research with hands on experience from within is needed.

Grab, random people from off the street and pay to watch them interact with your development etc. Clearly, it’s not being done. Surveys are not the answer because they are only with your interests in mind. Stupid and self serving, missing the point.

With all of that said, back to my girl who shared about needing a job and her relapse also, being afraid. Real life stuff, because I imagine it’s how she was feeling. Needing to get it out in some way.

I tried to find the story again I wanted to comment but, since I am bombarded with a feed of stories. It’s hard to become familiar with any one writer here. I don’t know how to book mark here using my phone.

Since the updates, I am forced to keep installing on my device anything can come and go. If I make up one more password, I am going to flush my phone down the toilet.

Apps don’t sync up with each other half the time. Everyone wants control of our needs. If you didn’t think of it let it go. Quit trippin. Figure out how to get along. It’s like Africa united, every country on the continent as one now, there is the real super power.

Stop trying to do the most independent of each other.

Twitter knew a long time ago to get along with everyone, in fact why I created an account. That little blue bird was on every Web page everywhere to share.

Seemingly greed shouldn’t be the top of the list for motivation, certainly profitability is a must. I said seemingly, how to meet the needs of other’s as in how to make your clients feel good is first on the list.

Then once this is established clearly, everyone else will come to you because there won’t be another choice. If you do it right you do it once. Who doesn’t want to feel good. Be sincere.

Everyone wants to feel “cared about” by the ones we pay money to do our services. I don’t care what it is we are paying for.

It’s like going to school and getting an education. It’s a right not a privilege as a paying customer. Quit blowing people off and making us feel we are bothering you to do your job.

Apple doesn’t do that and Adobe doesn’t do that so wtf is wrong with the rest of companies on the Internet which can’t be bothered. At least in my experience the two A’s above do have issues also, but it’s not difficult to make direct contact when needing to speak with someone.

Perfect your products and services then, so customer support isn’t needed. You can’t do so much self service with all problems especially when the problem is you. Might actually learn something about your business.

When things go wrong be accountable don’t take advantage of your customers mercy. Don’t hide behind an email, one cannot respond to when or if comments need to be added. How would you know to follow up. If I call, I don’t speak to who sent the email this was my experience with Amazon.

It took 2 years to get a glitch on Amazon acknowledged. After over thirty versions of my book are created. Kindle effects paperback books and their creation. Departments should talk to see how they affect or effect the other.

Though, I don’t believe it was the intent of Amazon to blow me off. They still did. I think their customer support is good in comparison to most. I could talk to someone but, not the same person to follow up. That’s a problem.

I had to change the cover of my book to prove my point. I shouldn’t have to do this to be heard. I am grateful for the free platform to express my interest in writing.

I didn’t even know self publishing was offered any place else with or without a fee when, I decided to do independent publishung.

Amazon was endorsed by Oprah. I didn’t have any money; it worked for me. I am afraid to look at my book pages. I want to be on Amazon, but it stresses me out so much I can’t look at it sometimes.

So I ask, the Lady with the real story, I spoke of earlier here. If you have received the praise or whatever it is you seek from the Internet followers in order to feel you can be honest about your true feelings without consequences. There are very few people who can do this.

Oprah maybe, about it but she knows better. And those of us who don’t know any better at the time. Lol.

What then? What do you get after that from social media some approval or what. Don’t forget the word, media. A form of entertainment from our real lives. Everyone, has problems I think people want to receive something they don’t have already.

Or at least how it’s presented by us to them. That’s asking me to do too much thinking when, I am stressed out or depressed as you described. I have not been on here lately because I needed, to make a plan to correct bothersome things in my life.

Then at least, I stick to a plan, I feel better about what is needing change. Whether the execution works or not is irrelevant. I learn along the way what I should have done different, if anything. I can live with that.

I have felt hesitant to be honest at times, here. Trying to be embraced by followers is ridiculous without being yourself. Don’t be different say what you think and feel in your heart where it is appropriate and fits your brand.

Otherwise, why hold back if not selling anything, you are like everyone else with problems talking about them on the phone at home or work. How do you plan to solve them?

Don’t get me wrong there is brilliant content on the Internet to use as knowledge. And to share including your story. I love the idea of being part of it, finding a wealth of information at my fingertips. I get excited every time, I think of it.

When I feel hesitant I usually write a poem that is dark. It’s cathartic to do this anyway. Kept in mind when stressed judgement is clouded.

I do feel, I have a responsibility to build the trust of my following. No doubt, it’s branding.

We are connected to each other through emotions. But don’t be mistaken the Internet is not a personal friend. It’s a facade of truth. Be you and what you find comfort in doing even if it’s a mistake you will find out. Just delete it later.

The Internet is one big mall of brands. Can it be sold, here. That’s what the approval feeling is about. Not a validation for being liked as a person or being honest about how we really feel. If part of your brand is spilling your guts. Go for it.

Remember this, if you threw away a million dollars into a trash dumpster. When you go back to get it from the trash. Has it lost it’s value? It’s still a million bucks right. Think of the Internet as a big trash dumpster. Nothing personal, going on here. You are still a million dollars.

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