The nature of how we are built.

The parts we are born with making us male or female. Affects why each sex thinks, differently. Men are more visual than women. We are emotional, it is said. My favorite shrink used to say, “You think more, like a man than any female patient I have treated before.” Clearly, there are exceptions or variations on this subject, nothing is all one way.

What I mean, men are external or on the surface. Men have their genitals outside, also. No big deal but, to complicate things. God meant for men, to have more than one wife, in the beginning according to the old testament. Also, men are born producing sperm until they die. Women are born, with as many eggs, as they are ever going to have. Multiplying the earth makes this ideal, women outnumber men 6 to 1.

However, things changed but, we still outnumber men. When you allow someone inside of you, that’s pretty close, without being the same person pregnant or a parasitic twin. How can it not be emotional. I believe the reason why, it’s complex. If done, too soon especially without knowing the other person, even worse. I’m sure you know the story, someone gets out of bed feeling more than the other one. It’s possible to like someone and not respect them.

Women often, feel used after sex or not connected. Men just had a great time and are wondering what is wrong her. It’s a great feeling to them, nothing more without a relationship. We started off as the same before birth, as zygotes not male or female. Then, developed into one or the other. That has to be mean something along with the choices we make. When to, how soon or if at all. I think, its too easy to go and have sex these days.

I filmed a documentary, it was a series of interviews on what started to be about “Gay” men. One of the men said, “Sex is only emotional if I am the one being penetrated.” “If not, it’s just a hole.” I always, remembered what he said. How interesting, I thought I hadn’t expected to learn about myself, interviewing gay men. For lack of a better term, it’s all individual. I concluded at the end of the film that people are just, sexual. Stop, labeling. They all had a different idea of what it means to be “Gay.” Sex is a funny thing.

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