67.Be Moral

With this said, who with a moral conscience would not feel the sentiments spoken here. It is individually accepted or not.

Mankind requires power in numbers of followers. Demonstrated on social media regularly. A requirement I don’t give into for validation. I have to please God in a way, I can live with.

I want to help others simply by experience, walking others in my shoes. Emotionally we are all the same. To be understood by the same feeling is total understanding.

I can not know, why a man’s choices are made based on what is presented as moral conversation. Why and what convinces a man to choose one over the other.

What makes a man know Allah, Jehovah or God? Perhaps, Buddha or be an Atheist. The more I think of it I feel more confused. I love the idea of being in the know of what is right.

I have an innate sense of right and wrong however, I don’t try to convince of anything. My love for people and trying to understand them as myself is the motivation, I live with daily.

Because I want to love God does not make a man who does not wrong, in my eyes. That is between him and God. My life is not that sorted out to know such things. I can only bring my experience and compassion to the table.

I don’t need to be right. I love to read these types of things because, I feel one day perhaps, never. I will know the answers, I seek.

In my opinion God is Love meeting mankind here on earth. The difficulty is keeping it pure. Life is a lesson. Love is what is made with it.

There is a place in my heart behind my eyes, that is dark and at peace. When I write from this place; I have to go back and read what I have said. It speaks for my soul so to speak.

I don’t know how else to describe it. Forgive me, for not knowing a better way to describe that of which I speak. I had to go back and read my writing here. I went to the zone, let’s call it.

What I want to know, does this place come forth revealing itself with religious belief. If so it has not done this with me. I feel this place when, I speak of God I know he exists. But, what I don’t know is why the path to him is not clear for everyone.

What is it about being right that is so important. If I love you is that not enough. Do I need to label it. If so, why?

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