When You Remember This, Don’t Forget You Wanted It
S.J. Watt

Wow interesting. I can, tell you that men and women are very different and it’s not surprising that you guys are not still seeing each other because men don’t look at sex the same way as as as women do. And I feel it’s my responsibility as a woman that’s older to make sure you know that men look at it just as a great feeling. They’re having a great time when you know, it’s as close as you can be to somebody without being the same person or being pregnant. You having him inside of you is as close as two people can be together. It’s why men think we are more emotional about it and feel more than they do after sex.

We do. So there’s no such thing as casual sex, just so you understand that I think that is very important that women and men understand that they think about sex completely differently

Men want as many partner’s as possible. They are not trying to be close at first if ever when, they are young. They want to have sex period.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of how we are built. To allow someone inside of you we feel something for them. And the reason women feel used afterwards sometimes.

If I may suggest, take time to let him get to know you while, you do the same. You might discover you don’t want him inside you. If he takes the time to know you. Probably a keeper.

What you have described has happened to most women.

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