At 83, I Decided to Develop an App
Donald Rumsfeld

Yay! I can’t wait to play it.

Really, sounds like a war strategy exercise. If we are going to be at war, better to be trained. There is more than one way to teach strategy.

If I may suggest, try playing Call of Duty online against a live team. I started playing to see what my son and nephews were doing. Also, neuroplasticity as you spoke of by, learning something new.

Good for you! I can whip the socks off of those youngsters halftime the time. More than that though, I can see the mentality of our next generation.

I strongly suggest to parents, play with your children original young adult’s because you may be surprised about what they are being exposed to and what you may learn about them.

There is in game communication. Turn it off if you are not aware of it. Nothing to do with surfing the net on the game system. In game play. FYI.

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