The actual learning comes from when a person applied the lesson he learned by his teachers in practical life. I also focus on applying the learning from various teachers in my life. Here I am going to discuss about the experience of my last semester course i.e. Total Quality Management. My teacher Sir Abdul Basit Ali on his first class said, “You people are learning total quality management and you will be successful if you applied that teachings in your practical life individually”. After listening his words this course objective become easier for me and I actually relate it with my life. Now I am going to compare about my habits before and what improvement the basic principles of TQM brings after implementing them in real life.


It means whatever I am doing followed by a proper road map that guides me how to take steps to reach the ultimate destination. Before studying TQM, I set process but they are not really well managed and lack in the quality standard. Now I realized that if I want to achieve quality in my work life then I must made the processes that reflects my values and principles, so that they leads me towards actual destination. If the baseline i.e. my processes are correct then my overall work.


As I am currently not working in any organization so I can describe integrated system in terms of my university and home life routine. Before studying these principles when sometimes university schedule become so tough and I was not able to manage my home tasks, e.g. not giving proper time to family. After realizing that I have to manage all of them in equal way and also proceed in my career by finding a good job I can make an integrated system which is connected with my home and university life and leads me towards my ultimate long term goal that is “to serve the society with my education and learning”.


In life I dealt with many situations that were not planned and unpredicted as well. I realized this point before studying TQM but after studying this course, I made a strong grip on my strategic and systematic approach. At present time, I have many plans regarding my future as now I am in a graduating phase. In order deal with uncertain situations, I make my Strategic (long- term) and systematic (step-by-step) approach in a way that I made multiple plans i.e. A, plan B and plan C. because if my plan A fails I will not demotivate and move towards plan B and C. the overall lesson I learn is that in life I have a purpose and I can achieve this by thinking about long term goal and use a proper systematic plan to reach that goal.


In order to taste the true essence of successful life we have to make over selves change adaptive. Before studying TQM, I was not introduced with the concept of continuous improvement. I am by nature feels satisfied with the average I got. However, after studying this course I realized that in my personal life I can make myself better from my tomorrow and must have come out from my comfort zone. I can now set the high targets and try my best to achieve them. By applying personally helps me to come out from the sell in professional life as well.


A good communication reflects our manners. By nature, I am very polite personality. Before studying TQM, I did not understand the importance of quality communication. After studying, I try to communicate well with my colleagues and empathically listened to them. I can use simple words that can be easily understood by everyone and reflects quality. A good communication leads to an excellent mannerism of a person and being accepted by everyone.