Edible Internet is a post-privacy experience created by Swallow Twice. These location-tracking dietary supplements will help you prepare for a post-privacy future (and present).


The future is private.

Transparency not included

But maybe privacy is overhyped.It’s not that we’re losing privacy, it’s that the definition of privacy is shifting. So is the definition of sharing; the things we are expected to share and with whom.

Transparency is the new privacy. So we made Edible Internet to help train for the future.

Experience in-detail:

How your pills work

  1. Receive your pills from a licensed post-privacy specialist.
  2. Activate your pills by scanning the package.
  3. Select your preferred strength.
  4. Consume entire contents of the package.
  5. Build your post-privacy confidence with the support (and location) of people like you.

We chose pills as the physical element of the experience to highlight the intimacy with which we adopt technologies.


The metaphor helps us embrace the inevitable future (and hard-to-swallow present presence) of pervasive technology. We put aside our concerns, accept the fact that our locations are already being tracked on a daily basis, and swallow our fears.

Swallow your fears by joining our experiment here.

Edible Internet at Ars Electronica ’19

Transparency included

We created a WhatsApp group specifically for the event, through which participants could share their location with the others in the chat. By using a messaging platform, we gained the added bonus of communication within the group.

Participation, skepticism, and praise on WhatsApp

Humans behind the scene:

Follows for swallows:

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