Written by SYPartners

Here we are.

It smells like wet dog and baked muffins, baked bread, browned butter, fresh baked cookies, Werther’s originals, Cashmere plum candle, pasta sauce, dust, sanding dust and lived-in must (which smells exactly like tons of boxes from too much online shopping).

Rosemary, soap, sharpened pencils, Teen Spirit, fish sauce, meat, Goldfish crackers and hand sanitizer, incense, tangerine turmeric tea, Clif Bars and peanut butter, coconut oil, Mandarin hand soap, Mrs Meyers lavender soap, firewood, Aquaphor, Lysol spray, Cool Ranch Doritos, bleach, baby, soap and dogs, dog, a dog and a litter box, lavender, flowers, rose…

Sue Walsh

Creative Director at SYPartners, Faculty at School of Visual Arts. Formerly Senior Art Director at Milton Glaser Incorporated.

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