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Here we are.

It smells like wet dog and baked muffins, baked bread, browned butter, fresh baked cookies, Werther’s originals, Cashmere plum candle, pasta sauce, dust, sanding dust and lived-in must (which smells exactly like tons of boxes from too much online shopping).

Rosemary, soap, sharpened pencils…

We are defined by our ability to use design to shape our understanding, beliefs, and how we see the world.

All images courtesy Pla Poome/SYPartners

The myth of design: Fancy chairs

The role of design has many interpretations. When we say the word “design,” many images appear in people’s minds. A common one is that of an expensive, perhaps Italian, maybe reductive or ornamental, chair.

This interpretation of design is the most troubling and far from the truth: That design exists…

As technology changes and expands, the imagery we use to represent our world loses its meaning

Photo: alengo/Getty Images

JJust as the work of writers relies on the universality of a dictionary, the work of designers depends on a widespread, shared understanding of the meaning of images.

To communicate something simple—like a camera, for example—we rely on a shared image of what something that takes pictures looks like. …

Sue Walsh

Creative Director at SYPartners, Faculty at School of Visual Arts. Formerly Senior Art Director at Milton Glaser Incorporated.

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