My life, who(se) rules?

Free will vs. determinism has been one of the long-standing topics of debate in philosophy. The crux of the argument is: Are our decisions and actions independent of our past, or are they completely predetermined, as the proponents of determinism say? There are two significant views to the argument — the libertarian free will and ‘determinism.’

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Source: Daniel Miessler

According to libertarianism, an action can be caused by an abstract thought that isn’t necessarily the result of a previous event. But of course, the everyday tangible, physical events that we observe don’t align with this idea. If a ball is flying in the…

It is evolving…just backwards (?)

Desire has always been a fundamental facet of human nature. The technological revolution, historically, was a result of man’s ability to think, innovate, and come up with ingenious solutions to satisfy these desires. The post-Industrial Revolution period has seen changes in virtually all dimensions of society, and we are now witnessing unprecedented technological progress in the 21st century. But is the current form of technological progress sustainable? Has this progress served to make the general populace more happy and satisfied? What happens when cravings grab the human mind in a vice-like grip and blur the line between ‘need’ and ‘luxury’…


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