This photography is the property of Shanthi Patharathil and taken from our Ashram/Hermitage of Swami Pranavananda, Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu, India.


Till now, this page is the worst I am facing….It is here in front of me, white, senseless, tasteless and desperately empty. I am sure every writer faces such a situation when he starts his early morning writing task! …I must shake myself out of this slumber and come up with a peppy beginning to share with my readers, if readers of my early morning elucubrations are around, somewhere on this Internet.

In another six months, I will have reached the end of my forty fifth years of my Life in India. Sincerely speaking, I do not regret to have lived in India for so long and, I must say, I am rather proud of having been given this privilege. However, O boy! How difficult it has been and still is!!! Difficult not because of the people here, or the climatic conditions, the culture. No, no. It was because of myself. But, that is an issue that I will surely develop in another Blog. But, I am sure hardship will not stop. Far from that! The battle for survival will go on. It is in the human nature…

I will not bring back to this page the reasons why I came to India and the whole long list of issues I had to face for so many years, as, after all, if I was not happy why did I stay in India instead of returning to my country of birth? France, indeed is a beautiful country and I love it too.

I stayed here because of the people, because of their kindness, their smile, their warmth, their presence, their hospitality and many other reasons. It gave me the assurance that «Yes, I exist». Despite of my apparent origine, I am one of them. Yes, there is respect. Not because I am a white man, or because of my being a Sannyasin (Hindu Monk), since 1988 as having taken to Hinduism, ‘the way of Life' as it is known here. But, more importantly, I truly feel that the reason is simply because I am just a human being like anyone in India, and nothing more, nothing less. It has allowed me to make my warm nest in this country and to be one among its people.

It is now 6 am. Everything is quiet in my house; the Lady Cook has just come and the clinks and clanks of saucer and pans being washed in the kitchen start to fill the air along with the whistle of the pressure cooker. Life has started in our house shaking up its sleepy inmates out of their slumber. Raj, the house cleaner will arrive punctually at 7 am. Then Kumar, our Driver will come later at 8 am…For now, only a gentle breeze runs between the villas giving Life to the trees. No sound except for the quietly humming air-conditionner. In the trees, birds started calling each other. Above our house, cranes are flying in V formation and silently following their daily path to their feeding areas in the nearby lake…

A new day has started and there is magic in the air…

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