A week without a television

Summer vacation had begun and it was time to throw entire year’s routine out of window and live a carefree life for 2 months….well I was describing the life of my kids and (hopefully) many like them, who are thoroughly enjoying their summer break. And how I wish the same was true for parents, especially the mums, for whom their only last true break was when they themselves were kids.

Anyway I had dropped my wife and kids to their granny’s place in my beloved hometown, Mumbai, and was on my way back to Bangalore to lead a 2 week’s bachelor life. I suddenly notice that my digital TV service’s monthly subscription is due and that’s when a crazy thought struck me. What if I don’t renew it for 2 weeks, what will happen if I don’t switch on that idiot box for 2 weeks? And I went ahead with this crazy thought. And this is how my 1 week has been without switching on that TV!!

I came back on Sunday evening, had a quiet dinner, as I was tired and hence ‘no TV’ didn’t bother me much. Next day morning though, I had my first withdrawal symptom. It was as if, a smoker not able to find a pack of puff or a drunkard not finding access to the bar. The sheer inertia to pick the remote like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s machine gun and start surfing all the stupid channels was unnerving. However managing daily chores and getting ready for office helped me fight that morning inertia. The day was over and as I reached home alone, there was an eerie silence. The morning (TV) itch was back and this time it was worse, as if drug addict not finding their stuff. However my late evening office calls and some social media time helped me fight back the ‘no TV’ effects.

The next day I had to draw out a plan, I asked cook to prepare the breakfast and then I spent an hour cooking lunch myself. I managed to survive the 2nd day and dinner time without TV again. Third day, I spent the morning washing the clothes and hanging them out to dry (meticulously), ironed my own shirt after ages and set the house in order. And by evening I found a way out. Hotstar, an app that streams daily soaps, movies, sports et al. I installed it and saw a short but fabulous movie after dinner. Weekend was not bad either, did some grocery, washed clothes, socialized with local uncle/aunt. And that has been my routine past few days, catch up on quick news while having breakfast and a short movie/daily soap of my choice post dinner.

And this is when I realized the end of the beginning of TV as it is today and where entertainment is probably heading to, in coming years. I realized that the idiot box today, has the entertainment quotient so so low that after surfing through all the channels, we end up deciding on something that is better than worse. The same shitty news channels, same old movies, seasonal sports and if all fails then National Geographic and Discovery channels are always there to rescue us. For decades the TV/media as it is today, has often forced to just pick from what they think we should watch.

I past few days, I have seen couple of fabulous movies which I don’t know, if they would have even gotten aired on TV. Most importantly I realized that I am able to exercise my choice of what I want to view, when I wanted to. This freedom to entertain ourselves the way we want to; is the new way. On top of that with no regular TV one can also focus on lot more productive things, like picking up daily chores, reading, exercising or even cooking.

So what has been your recent crazy idea?? And if you liked this one of mine, please do share your thoughts and with your friends :)