The Trump Factor: Unlocking The Vast Secrets Behind the Trump Empire

The Trump Factor by Brad Thomas

What makes me unique from the ordinary financial journalist is that I have no formal education in writing.

Unlike most Wall Street writers, I literally started out in the trenches, I became a real estate developer right out of college and my first real job was leasing out shopping center space.

I had always wanted to create wealth by owning real estate and one of the first books that I decided to read, to learn how to become developer, was The Art of the Deal.

I remember it well, almost 30 years ago, sitting in a cubicle making cold calls trying to get prospective tenants to lease up vacant retail space. It was motivating for me to read a chapter in Donald Trump’s book and then spend the rest of the day trying to make a deal.

From a business perspective, I had always admired Trump’s success but I was most intrigued by his failures.

The pinnacle for my real estate career was in 2000, I had become a developer just like Trump, with a net worth of a few million dollars. At the same time, Trump was watching his empire unravel, mostly due to high leverage and investing in higher risk casino properties.

Then just a few years later, my bets also went bad. Like Trump, I was “over my skis” and I began to watch my financial empire collapse. When the Great Recession rolled around I had lost just about everything, except my sanity.

In 2009 I decided to become a writer, with a specific focus on real estate securities (or REITs). Having suffered considerable angst, I decided that I wanted to help investors avoid the costly mistakes that I had experienced while also becoming a resource for risk avoidance.

My first writing platform was Seeking Alpha (where I am a regular contributor with close to 30,000 followers) and later I became a regular contributor on

Much like Donald Trump, I decided that I needed to build a brand that could be monetized, except instead of using real property it would have to be intellectual property.

I began writing a monthly newsletter that is now called The Forbes Real Estate Investor and more recently I have authored a book, along with my co-author, Stephanie Krewson-Kelly, called The Intelligent REIT Investor (Wiley/Forbes).

To bring things full circle, I recently finished writing my second book called The Trump Factor: Unlocking the Secrets of the Trump Empire (Post Hill).

As I told Donald Trump over three years ago, “my book will be better than The Art of the Deal”. While he may disagree that my book is better, I don’t think that anyone can argue with the fact that I am the most qualified writer to pen the book that promises to provide ALL of the secrets behind Donald Trump’s real estate empire.

It took my three years to research the book and as part of the study, I visited each and every property owned by Trump. As noted, my background is unique in that I became a developer, before I became a writer. So unlike traditional business journalists, I have deep-rooted experience in real estate analysis.

In the last chapter of my book I provide a summary of Donald Trump’s net worth, including his brand equity. As I explain,

“Donald Trump has always understood that fame creates power in the marketplace. He’s understood that so well that he’s even embraced so-called negative publicity as being a positive for his brand. Again, this is due to Trump’s natural talent for handling publicity so that it aligns with his brand values of boldness, brazenness and indifference to convention.”

In less than three weeks the world will know whether or not Donald Trump succeeds at mastering the biggest deal in politics, yet we already know that

“Donald Trump has over 10 million followers on both Facebook and Twitter and whether he wins or loses the presidential election he will arguably be one of the most famous men in the world. There is no other human being who can exploit his brand in such an influential manner — he has generated over $1 billion in free media — and commands market dominance, making the Trump brand virtually irreplaceable.”

Brad Thomas

Author of The Trump Factor: Unlocking the Secrets Behind the Trump Empire

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