Detransition, Desistance, and Disinformation: A Guide for Understanding Transgender Children…
Julia Serano

I enjoyed reading this article and reliving my gender journey. I belong to the

trans* group born in 1949; raised by blue collar, working class parents, who really sacrificed their lives for me to acquire a good education. Early on I noticed my gender issues: non-athletic male; feminine interest; and always bullied in school. From today, age 67, post-op female transsexual, I can be happy with not causing traumatic damage to the family peace as a child. In the 1960’s such things did not happen; my parents were too good and deserving of better behavior from me. Despite the Gender dysphoria at ages 5–18, with the repression of my thoughts, I think I appeared “the happy child”. My two sisters have complained about their childhood ( now ages 57 & 63). I told them this: Poor?, you have not seen nothing yet!! What if I came out in 1960 as your older sister? Nobody would have any peace.

So at 18, I went off to college; tried some “reparative” on myself…joined a Fraternity but was never convincing as a man; somehow I made it through “Hell Night” and was not “blackballed”. At age 32, it all fell apart. I came out of repression as a crossdresser. I joined a CD/TS support group and was elected chapter leader in 1992; then Chair of the Board in 1998. The workerbees were the CD’s; transsexuals were full time. I transitioned on my job in 2004 at age 55. Yes the wife was not pleased, divorced in 2007. I reckon that I held some kind of label in the gender community for 30 years. Right!, I do not care for these new terms: “cis” and “trans”, they belong in organic chemistry describing the geometry of substituents around a carbon-carbon double bond. Am I happy? Retired Happy.

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