What is swanlana ?

Swanlana is a decentralised, Exchange, an NFT Marketplace, mixing social media built on solana blockchain.

$SWAN, Swanlana offers fans a unique way of connecting with the creator they love. Fans will have the ability to invest, access and earn from the limited edition contents created by the world’s largest influencers/celebrities, all powered by NFTs.

What will the platform include ?

Swanlana Finance Marketplace Will consist of several different features that sets it apart from other NFT Marketplace.

Swandex is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (DEX). They are run by the Serum Foundation, made up of people with vast experiences in DeFi, cryptocurrencies, and virtual currency trading. The project was born to address issues inherent to decentralised finance (DeFi) such as centralization, speed, usability, and multi-chain support.

Based on this, Swandex operates the Dex Exchange.

Why are we building on solana ?

When choosing the blockchain to build on, Solana was the simple choice due to scalability. With the cost of gas fees, most blockchains currently doesn’t have the capacity for mainstream creators and fans to afford the transaction fees paired with buying an NFT. Solana solves this.

Get excited, more coming soon !

This is just the beginning for Swanlana. Over the next few weeks we look forward to presenting more about this project, including information about our roadmap and IDO. We have tons of exciting news that we can’t wait to share, as well as more information about the development of the swanlana ecosystem. Stay tuned and buckle up.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Swan_Solana

Swanlana is a decentralised, Exchange and NFT Marketplace on solana ecosystem ☀️