Why We Should All Care About The Fatherless Daughter Syndrome
Andrea Bomo

In Canada, 80% of father-deprived adolescents are in psychiatric hospitals according to The Canadian Children’s Rights Council.”

No. That is so wrong it’s ridiculous. What the numbers mean is that 80% of the adolescent population in psychiatric hospitals are father deprived. And that’s not in Canada, that’s in the States. The source of these numbers is mentioned right underneath:

“ Sources: National Fatherhood Initiative (U.S.A.), US Bureau of Census (U.S.A.), FBI (U.S.A.)”

All I did was a copy paste of your sentence and I found the source.

It’s really unfortunate that this article has been shared so many times. I don’t care enough to go through the other numbers in it, but I’d bet my spare change that most are as inaccurate as the example above.

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