Thanks for pointing this out.
Andrea Bomo

The focus should be on accuracy of facts so that awareness is raised from factual evidence not disingenuous interpretation of studies and articles. Assuming that 80 percent of all fatherless adolescents are in psychiatric hospitals from a simple bullet point on a website is not journalism. It’s not a mistake, it’s a lack of diligence in studying and understanding the materials you have access to before putting them in your piece.

Reminds me of that time on Facebook where an acquaintance shared a pic of a supposedly fully formed 10 week old fetus taken after an abortion. Of course the picture was fake, and I pointed it out the her, with a source for the picture. I can respect her pro-life opinions even if I don’t agree with them. But not when they are propagated with false images or misinformation. She basically responded the same thing as you. Doesn’t matter. The point (that all life is precious and that abortion is killing tiny fully functional humans) of the views she wanted to express with the pic was more important than how she conveyed it.

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