THE HONESTY PROJECT #5 “What Ya’ll Talkin’ ‘Bout?”

Lemme ask you this?

Which do you like better?




I’m asking because have you ever noticed how often people confuse talking… for conversation?

And what about the mindless sport of who can spew words from their lips the fastest? Or. who can step on the other person’s punch line the quickest?

And then there’s the old “Oh yeah, I did that too” verbal tennis match.

Here’s a scenario.

You’re about to discuss a trip you went on, for example, and before you can tell the story the other person cuts you off just to tell you that they went there too (and of course, their trip was better).

Mindless talking and “one-uping.”

Is that what we grown ups have come to? Let’s get real. Neither is memorable or remotely close to conversation. Real conversation is almost extinct, which is why silence plays heavy on my playlist. #ijs

Hola if you hear me :-)