Can I be honest?

Not like the normal kind of honest.

Or relationships kind of honest.

I’m talking about the kind of honest where you wish we all didn’t get sucked into this Kumbaya plastic smile “I’m okay, you’re okay” trip.

It might be scary, but if we’re honest, I think we could all use a pinch of that Richard Pryor kind of honesty kit.

So…I’ma go first.

A few months ago, I did a self-subscribed “30 Day Selfie Challenge.” In the beginning, I wasn’t being honest. Contrary to popular belief, I hate having to give people access to me on most days. I’m what you would call an extroverted introvert. So, 30 days in a row of photos was like being my own personal Peeping Tom. I hated it.

I suppose that’s why after a few plastic smile selfies, I decided to get real and make the rest of the photos yoga poses. That felt better. Because the truth is, there’s nothing fake or politically correct about my yoga game. You can ask my haters, my students and my even mom. The will all agree.

But honesty is not for everyone. I’m well aware of that. If you’re still reading this, there’s a good chance you’re getting a little bored with all this “screen-shot-Woo-Hoo!-look-at-us!-We’re-on-vacation-We’re-at-dinner-and-at roller-skating-and-at…yawn, yawn.

(Trust me, I’m guilty too).

And actually, I’m not even saying we should stop it. I’m not even saying you “should” do anything. I’m just being nostalgic. I’m thinking like a DJ who drops an “old school jam” in the middle of his set, and everybody gets up and starts jamming on the floor.

What would it be like to give ourselves permission to at least “occasionally” say what we REALLY feel…even if it’s scary?

What if we threw that into this “See me, See me” social media mix?

Welcome to Day 1 of “The Honesty Project” ladies and gentlemen.

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