Color Sorter Machine Manufacturers

Swan Sorter System Pvt Ltd. having over a decade of expertise as Color Sorter Machine Manufacturers, planning and engineering , is engaged in serving the colour sorting machine needs of bulk food process and different industries.

We are committed to realize new standards of excellence by providing superior sorting machines to our customers through the delivery, responsive, quality and services.

color sorters conjointly known as optical sorters or digital sorters or electronic color sorters are machines that are used on the assembly lines in bulk food process and different industries. They separate things by their colors, detection the colors of things that pass before them using CCD technologies, and using mechanical or gas ejection devices to divert things whose colors don’t fall among the appropriate vary

Color Sorter Machine are principally employed in sorting grain, color sorters are used for food process business, like coffee, nuts, and oil crops. The goal is that the separation of things that are stained, unhealthful not as ripe as required, or still with hull when dehulling like edible seed.
Compared with manual sorting: machines saving labor and time, with high potency, and lower process prices. Throughputs have inflated with the employment of latest CCD technologies

They are conjointly employed in the diamond business. The transparency of the diamond is measured by the color sorter and used as a mensuration of its purity, and therefore the diamonds are automatically sorted consequently. This has a bonus over X-Ray light ways of robotically detection purity, since pure diamonds are less possible to flourosence

Color Sorter Machine are often chute-type or belt-type. Belt-type machines break a smaller proportion of Material and therefore the product stays comparatively static throughout the transport method because it moves horizontally on the belt.

Whereas within the chute kind, material slides on the chute owing to gravity, inflicting collision, friction, and bigger vertical movements, therefore worsening the magnitude relation of broken material. The belt structure makes the transmission sleek and stable while not bouncing of fabric.

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