Is the lecturer the real deal?

You there, reading this, if you are a teacher or lecturer, have you ever worked beside a teacher or lecturer in a college or university who seems to have a limited grasp of his subject, very poor written or spoken English, and struggles to provide his/her students with appropriate advice? Maybe its a work colleague? They produce certificates confirming their academic accomplishments but something seems amiss.

You are concerned but can’t put your finger on the problem. Not quite.

If its a senior manager or course leader the problem is increased.

You may refuse to admit that your senior or colleague is, or could be, a fraud.

I once worked as an education consultant for an education recruitment agency where one of the senior staff could not speak English adequately, could not write English coherently, and once claimed not to know how to write an essay. He also claimed to have an MBA from an English university. I saw the certificate! It was true! He genuinely had an MBA! It seemed incomprehensible!

I once worked in a college where 80% of the lecturers could not write English correctly. Why? The lecturers’ common room was a place of gossip, gabble and empty minds! Why?

Well why?

They cheated in some way or another. Probably, other people wrote their essays. These same people have obtained access to universities, teaching young students matters incomprehensible to themselves.

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