Staying Connected with Friends & Family in Today’s Digital World

Swapnil Agarwal
Nov 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Man is by nature a social animal. - Aristotle

Are you losing touch with your old friends? The ones that you thought would be your life-long buddies..
How often do you call those relatives of yours? The ones that you were very close with while growing up!!
Chances are, you are not as connected with your friends and family as you’d like it to be. Social Media gives you an illusion of being connected while you haven’t really talked to most of your connections in a long time. Hitting the “like” button has just become a way of acknowledging that you are not dead yet!

This is one of my personal problems too, and so I’m highly motivated to solve this and get a working solution / system in place for myself. Meanwhile, I’m also exploring whether other people face a similar challenge and can the system be used to help them as well? If you’re in the same boat, I’d highly appreciate it if you could fill out this form:

From the initial responses, it looks like people do want to keep in touch but somehow end up distant in the long run. Good intentions don’t always work! It could be that someone just slips off your mind, or you didn’t get time to start the conversation. With time, you start getting more and more distant from your folks, and you go down a downward spiral before you know it!

There are Personal CRMs (like MonicaHQ) that I’d want to use when I become more disciplined, but for now, I need a solution that integrates with my current lifestyle without requiring me to make any major changes in my daily schedule.

I’ve already started my journey on the path to find the missing link. It’s a win-win situation. If I find some other product that solves this problem, I’ll be happy to use (and promote) that as well! If not, I’m going to make the product that I want to exist already.

So, here’s my proposal: What if there was a personal assistant for your social life? This would take care of all your problems and nudge you towards a more socially connected life. I’ve been working on refining the idea and brainstorming on incorporating mutual interests to find new ways to stay in touch. It could be planning events to catch up, keeping track of each other’s lives, discussions around areas that interest you, general catch-ups without any agenda, and everything in between.

If you’re interested to try out the early beta and / or get notified when the product launches, you should subscribe here: :)

You’d be involved in shaping the early product and get lifetime deals as you become the early adopters. Also, it’s currently free so why not give it a try? 🤷‍♂️

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