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The past few months have been incredibly productive and fascinating for Swapex, and we wanted to start by saying ‘thank you’ to everyone in the community for their patience and support!

We are looking forward to the rest of 2020 with exponential growth within the DeFi space. Finally, Crypto isn’t just a meme but has a strong use case that we believe will revolutionise the way we see finance.

The Swapex team have been quiet recently, we know! However, rest assured we are working extremely hard on Swapex behind the scenes. If it seems that not much progress is being made on the Swapex project, then we are right here telling you ‘Stay Tuned’ for an exciting journey ahead! One reason we were unable to keep up with the demand on news and updates is that we are a team of Crypto Veterans and IT Professionals volunteering to tackle and achieve what we feel is the fundamental features of DEXs. With little to no ICO funds to support us and continue the project at our own expense, this is one reason why we prefer to announce new developments as and when they are released. …

Official Swapex Finance Contest
Official Swapex Finance Contest

Swapex Team is inviting active crypto enthusiasts to join this activity on our official telegram channel and share your insight about the Swapex project.

Prize of $3,000 worth of SWXP tokens.
1st Place: $600 SWXP
2nd Place: $500 SWXP
3rd Place: $400 SWXP
4th Place: $300 SWXP
5th to 12th Place: $100 SWXP each
Duration: Until Private sale ends.

Rules and Mechanics:
1. Post should be constructive and related to Swapex.

2. No spamming, gif and sticker is not counted.

3. Post with insightful ideas will have more chance to win the contest.

Ranking will be updated every week to see the participants current lead.

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Swapex Finance official communities
Website: https://swapex.finance/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwapexF
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kItNSbnQd3U
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/swapexfinance
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/swapexfinanceannouncement

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Is there going to be a bull run in 2020–21? If there is one, what will be the theme of this bull run?

These are the questions on everyone’s mind. Will it be Defi? DEX? Polkadot?

Nobody knows for sure, but it looks like there is an extremely high probability that there is going to be one in the very near future. We at Swapex believe the word DEX is involved somewhere in there. As per data, as of 12th August 2020, Ethereum Defi DEXs are near half a billion in trading volume. This number is just unreal, and six months ago, very few would have believed this was achievable in such a small amount of time! It took the majority by surprise, and no one saw this coming. Uniswap changed everything, hopefully for the good of everyone. The ability to launch a project on a global scale without a third party involvement with volumes at par with Tier-I exchanges made life a lot easier for founders and CEOs of new projects. …



Revolutionizing your Dex’perience

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