Like many of you reading this, the team behind Swapify love, and frequent the Ethereum space. We often look for the next big coin, and try to buy early. Of course, there are some issues that occur with this on a day to day basis…

The Problem

As you all know, with finding new coins and buying early on, there is always risk. Risk of rug pulls, and the risk of not getting enough tokens. Sometimes wishing you had more supply when that coin does big X’s. Competing with the bot users on UniSwap is easier said than done. Maybe you got into a project and it’s doing good, but suddenly all of the LP gets removed.

We wanted to develop a tool, one that can help every one of you that can relate to the problems mentioned above.

Our Solution

Welcome to Swapify! Our swap won’t be like other swaps you have seen in the past, that just create a reskin of UniSwap and call it their own. There will be unique and helpful features here that will greatly improve and change the way you trade on a daily basis. The unique features of Swapify will keep your investments safer, and let you be more efficient every time you decide to ape a new project.

  1. (Tier 1) Multi TX Mode: Have you ever seen a launch where the max buy you can make is 1%, but the max wallet amount is 2%? We know it can be annoying and slow to buy your 1%, wait for it to settle, then buy another 1%. With Swapify you will be able to set this ahead of time, and do it with the click of one button. Set your Swapify dapp to buy 1% twice!
  2. (Tier 2) Multi Wallets: Want to maximize the amount of tokens you can get at launch? Want to be able to compete with those expensive multi wallet bots? Well with Swapify, we give you the ability to select multiple wallets, and buy with them all at the same time with ease. All your selected wallets will buy at the same time, in combination with the multi tx mode if you wish, all from your browser.
  3. (Tier 3) Mempool: So you’re waiting for the hot new project to launch? Devs not giving a specific time so youre glued to your screen waiting for it to be live? This is where Swapify comes into play. You will be able to enable mempool mode on the swap to scan the blockchain for the moment the deployer enables trading, or adds liquidity. On top of this possiblity, there is also detection for rugs! If a dev is about to pull liquidity, Swapify’s mempool sniffer can detect it, and auto sell your tokens before the LP gets drained, saving your bags.

You can also set the amount of gwei you want to use before hand, making the process much faster. All of this can be done easily, without needing to download a sketchy executable file from someone on telegram. As mentioned above, this will all be done from inside your browser, in the most user friendly way possible.

More Info

To start, anyone in the space will be able to use our swap for free, minus most of the features. Non holders will be able to use it as if it was uniswap, and that is where most other projects stop. Think of the other functions on our swap as rewards for holders. There will be 3 Tiers, and each requires a certain number of tokens held by the user. The amount will be determined soon and announced within the Telegram, Twitter, and Official Website.

The Tier system not only rewards our initial investors and community, but ensures a long life for the project as more people hear about the swap, and want to get involved themselves. They will purchase the required token amount for their desired tier, and become a Swapify user!

We plan to reach as many eyes in the space as possible, with many different marketing angles, and also word spreading of how useful the swap itself is. We believe this is a product that can sell itself, a solution to a problem we all face. Swapify is something new that can make everyones life easier.


Swapify offers all of its holders a Staking Pool with rewards in ETH that can be claimed weekly. The apr is 100% and you can withdraw your stake at any time you please. The idea behind staking is to reward investors who currently hold a bag to unlock a tier by allowing them to stake for ETH. The ETH to pay rewards gets funded from the swap fees you can read more about below!

Swap Fees

Firstly our most basic level of the swap, regular swapping with HP and Tax check, and preset gas and gwei, will always have 0 fees and require no holdings! Anyone can now use any tier they please for a fee in ETH on each trade. If you are tier 0 and you use a tier 1 feature, you will be charged the fee in ETH! Same goes for tier 1 using tier 2 etc. The fees are used to reward all of the stakers in the project.

Rug Protection

Our swap can listen to the mempool at all times if you choose to enable certain features within the app. One of our favorites in the rug protection feature. This works by seeing the actions of the deployer for the coin you bought while they start pending in the mempool on chain. If that deployer decides to remove liquidity, Swapify can sell your bags for you before that dev is able to steal it from you!

Limit Orders

Limit orders is our newest batch of features added to the swap. You can now enter your contract, and enter the market cap you want to buy or sell at, and the swap will handle the rest. This is super useful for helping automate your trades or letting you sleep better on those degen investments. Trailing stop loss is added with these features as well. If at any point after you buy, your bag loses a set % value from its ATH then it will auto sell for you!



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