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It is widely accepted fact among programmers that writing tests is good practice. But writing tests also has a reputation of being difficult, time-consuming, redundant, pointless, and boring. This story aims to change that.

Writing tests saves time

Probably the most popular reason you hear for not writing tests is that it is a waste of time. That’s not true. In programming we often follow this pattern of manually verifying if the code written works as intended. This happens quite often. In fact every code block or so. You don’t actually have to follow this pattern. Tests can do it for you. This can…

Recently, a startup which helps companies to build software using AI raised a funding of $29.5M. These days there’s lot of talk about AI writing code and replacing jobs, even Sundar pichai talked about this. If you are software developer like me who earns his bread and butter writing code, it is only natural to freak out. Before you google alternative careers for software developers, pause and take a deep breath.

Lets first deconstruct how software developers write code. When writing code they usually break a big problem into smaller chunks and then solve each chunk by writing code…

I know a lot of people who are proud Perfectionists, I know this because I am one of them. I highly recommend going through these classic telltale signs of perfectionism, incase you’re wondering why you’ve never got your business idea to work or why you’ve never wrote that blog you’ve always talked about.

You may ask, isn’t trying to do things correctly a good thing? Yes to some degree. No, if takes a huge toll on you to an extent that it prevents you from doing very same thing.

Perfectionism is huge barrier to Productivity because it stalls you at…

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