This is what democracy looks like

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Swap my Vote is a web platform that helps make votes matter.

People who feel their votes are wasted (74.4% in 2015′s UK General Election) can swap their vote with each other, each being cast in a constituency where they have a chance of returning a winning candidate. Both partners get to vote for who they really want, and help someone else do the same.

We’ve run an analysis on the political parties to and from which voters are willing to swap their votes. This is what it looks like so far, with a week to go the election.

It’s not a massive surprise that much of the activity is on the progressive left; it adds weight to the movement for tactical voting and a Progressive Alliance as called for by and Compass, not to mention anti-Hard Brexit campaigns such as Best for Britain and More United.

What might strike some as surprising is the degree of movement across the traditional left-right axis — there isn’t much, but it is still more than one might expect. One might put this down to voters rejecting their tribal allegiances in the light of a more polarised political spectrum.

The small numbers of voters flowing back to their preferred party are probably just checking out the platform, perhaps while they work out for whom they want to vote; setting one’s preferences thus is currently the best way to avoid getting into a swap.

Tactical voting and swapping on the right has always been a real minority sport, but as the Conservatives have adopted a hard Brexit stance, hoovering up Ukip support, and uniting the right of the spectrum, it is numerically insignificant.

This is what democracy — a thousand grassroots conversations and alliances — looks like.

To find your voting partner and make your vote count for more, head to

Make your vote count: visit to swap with someone in a constituency where both votes count for more #swapmyvote

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