‘AI for X’ startups (Part 1)

Tech startups in the Artificial Intelligence space

2016–2017 will known as years that triggered the AI revolution.

When in recent years, we had a surge of startups borrowing the ‘Uber for X’ / ‘Airbnb for Y’ tenets, all of a sudden we’re looking at ‘AI for X’ adoption. The number of startups which employ artificial intelligence techniques (machine learning, deep learning, NLP, NLG etc.) for unique use-cases has been consistently snowballing.

So here’s a small list of some phenomenal AI companies which are solving one first world problem at a time.

#AI for vehicles — Drive.ai

This startup creates retrofit kits for existing commercial and business vehicle fleets to add self-driving capabilities.

Drive.ai aims to apply artificial intelligence and deep learning to all aspects of the self driving tech, and not just a few areas, thus likely producing level 4 autonomous driving.

They just raised a $50 million Series B funding round.

#AI to optimize traffic flow — Volkswagen

Not just satisfied with the self-driving car phenomenon, Volkswagen along with Nvidia is aiming to power new opportunities into other areas of the business using AI and Deep learning.

Eg. They’re working on procedures to help optimize traffic flow in cities and urban areas

#AI for software — Diffblue

This startup aims to employ AI to ease software development. Think -

> Testing product — automatically spot bugs and write tests

> Security product — automatically flag exploitable bugs and generate tests for those bugs

> Refactoring product — automatically rewrite badly expressed or out of date code

#AI for software — Stepsize

This is a similar startup to Diffblue, in that it aims to help software developers. Think : automatically adding context to code bases.

#AI to arrange appointments — X.ai , JulieDesk

X.ai — We’ve all heard of Amy (or Andrew), an email bot that schedules appointments. No need to play the passing the baton game to find the perfect time schedule for a meeting.

JulieDesk is a similar one — it automates the scheduling of meetings, appointments, and more.

#AI for small business social media — PromoRepublic

In short, this startup helps small businesses with social media content.

Think — what specific content to post for a specific business, when to post, how often, what copy, design, call to actions and hashtags etc.

PromoRepublic will post automatically at the right time and frequency. Should we say goodbye social media consultants?

#AI for networking — Grip

This startup aims to make networking at events more productive — basically Tinder for Networking.

#AI for Marketing — Phrasee

This company uses AI and natural language processing techniques to optimize digital marketing messages.

#AI for Fraudulent transactions — Ravelin

Ravelin analyses customers to give a contextual basis for detecting potentially fraudulent transactions.

#AI for Publishing — Echobox

This predictive tool optimizes content for social media, without having to do your own analytics, A/B testing or content curation.

#AI for Customer Support — Digital Genius

This deep learning company has reduced the average customer-query handling time by 20%. It helps customer service agents respond to queries faster by automatically sorting and labelling the metadata and generating automated answers with a degree of certainty attached.

#AI for cyber security — Dark Trace

This startup uses AI and machine learning algorithms to prevent cyber attacks before they occur.

#AI for Genomics — BenevolentAI

This startup matches the workflow of drug discovery scientists so that they can easily mine and interrogate the data, ideally reducing the time to market for important drugs.

#AI for Employee background checks — Onfido

Onfido employs AI and computer vision for quick identity verification and background checks for employers.

#AI for social care decision support — Cera

This is an AI chatbot which aims to assist carers with recommendations for home care of people with conditions such as dementia. Think —

> matching appropriate care workers to clients

> recommending care packages to potential customers

Some other startups supporting the AI ecosystem -

Bitfusion — AI lifecycle management platform

Bitfusion Flex essentially aims to give developers a single platform for managing the life cycle of an AI application.

Algorithmia — Marketplace for AI models

This startup is a marketplace and enterprise solution that allows developers to easily tap into its catalog of 3,500 algorithms, functions and machine-learning models.

ElementAI — a platform for companies to build AI solutions

Aims to provide AI as a Service (AAAS) for small and big enterprises. So if your company wants to integrate AI in any of its business applications/use-cases, you only need to go to ElementAI in order to get the ball rolling.

AI on your lock screen —

Jarno M. Koponen talks about how in the near future, our lock screens will become the perfect real estate

More exciting companies and projects in another post. Until then!