Homosexuality is …..

Finally… I am proud of our judiciary. Next comes a bigger responsibility. As a society/ community we need to be accepting. Accepting doesn’t come easy. As such we love to mock- mock at anything that is not within our parameters of understanding. My son’s generation feels embarrassed when we share jokes on the ‘typical’ wife. Indeed a typical men’s chat room has jokes on women who do not fall within their parameters.

It is quite sad to see jokes and forwards floating on homosexuality now. A sudden unleashing of vicious humour too. I know we cannot stop it. Yet I can only wish that my friends and family would stop forwarding and make a little difference in his bitter world.

Homosexuality is present in nature. It is present in insects, reptiles and mammals. The animal kingdom- big and small – have no issues with it.

Can we be kinder to the assertive woman, the gender fluid person, the intersex person, the confused person, the happy homosexual and just every human out there? If we don’t accept our own who else will?