Walk into a restaurant, smiling faces greet you, you smile back, a happy charge runs through you and you sit down for a meal with a positive feeling.

On the other hand you step in and the servers keep talking among themselves, they look through you as if you are invisible, serve you matter of fact just because it’s their job, you also respond the same way and you sit down for a meal with mixed feelings.

At times the servers are insolent, surly and downright rude. The negative vibes make you feel as if you are eating in a war zone dodging bullets, crossing barbed wire, your idea of a good evening goes out for a toss and you shell out money unwillingly.

Good service helps you win half the battle before it has begun. A lot of issues will be ignored if handled diplomatically and with a smile.

The kitchen is where the grunge work of a restaurant is done. It is situated in an obscure hidden corner, the food appears as if a magical genie snapped his fingers and lo you have delicious, resembling a work of art, food on your table. This team works in intensely hot temperatures, with precision irrespective of cuts on fingers, scalded arms, slippery wet floor. These guys are in regular need of the first aid box. They are the behind the scene artists which rarely get the front stage limelight.

The two teams are always in a tug-of-war about who is the core of the establishment. There is a healthy rivalry to outdo each other and to prove who is the best. But as in life one cannot survive alone or be successful without a team. Learning from teammates strengths and helping each other overcome flaws is the mantra for excelling at work.

Competitiveness makes one perform better, working in tandem ensures that you keep moving forward and reaching your destination with a smile and a contented heart.

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