More friends

head full of white hair, one hand holding a walking stick and the other hand tucked in the partner’s hand, supporting each other, taking measured steps with shiny eyes glowing with eagerness and a wide smile on their age lined faces. The couple walks in slowly into the restaurant eager to look at the menu.

Once they are seated the charming gentleman presents me a white fragrant jasmine flower which he picked from a creeper in the house opposite the restaurant( I used to always inhale the heady cocktail of fragrance in the air from the various flowering plants dotting the area while leaving at night) and a matching grin erupts on my face.

They were eager to chat saying that they had heard good things about this place and have been wanting to try it out. We had just opened the doors for our evening session and they were here for an early dinner. They asked for recommendations for a light meal as they ate frugally at night, and wanted just a soup and a starter. While they waited for the soup to arrive and I also had time to kill( if they would have arrived half an hour later I probably couldn’t have spent so much of time with them) they proudly said that they lived in a residential complex where only people above the age of 55 were permitted to reside.in a way it makes sense for wharever reasons they choose to live there, people from the same age bracket with similar needs tend to live in harmony and peace.

The soup was slurped with gusto and the starters tucked in with a visible joy on their face. Talking, discussing about random stuff, I was thoroughly enthralled by this young at heart couple. A friend had suggested Grillicious to them and here they were.

For desserts they had a mocktail which had crushed ice, I totally love people who do their own thing, follow their heart and don’t bother about norms like one must start the meal with a mocktail. The two of them shared the dessert happily crunching the shaved ice and sipping through the straw.

Replete and satisfied with an even bigger smile,(you had to be there to see it), holding hands , supporting each other on the steps.When I went forward to help them they refused saying this is what they did for each other. They walked out in the young night with the menu of the restaurant in one hand and my visiting card in their pocket which they insisted on taking one along with them to be put up on the notice board of their society to be shared with everyone.

I watched them walk away with a feeling of being silently blessed by them and hoping I retain half their charm when I reach their age.