Different hues.

A colorful rainbow on a rainy day draws your attention to it the way the human male species eye’s an attractive female species passing by, they will turn to look at her and keep looking at her till she she disappears, we wonder at the marvel of a sunray passing through the drop of water to create a multi hued rainbow. Each color stands out and merges at the edges with other colors to make a stunning rainbow.

Similarly the restaurant has its team made up of people from diverse backgrounds who have travelled from distant corners of the country in search of livelihood.

The entrepreneur who started a food joint in his native place but ended up with a huge debt, has come to the big city in search of work and to learn the tricks of the trade. I have a feeling the real reason his venture went bust was his love for alcohol.

The ‘Nautanki’ or the spoilt one with a pretentious air around her used to be a budding air hostess, now for whatever reasons has chosen to work as a steward. She has a list of do’s and don’ts and if we don’t abide by it then a massive tantrum follows it. The list of innovative excuses that she comes up with to avoid work will put a writer’s imagination to shame.

The know it all who used to operate a burger cafe, he had an opinion about everything when he was present at work, the number of leaves he took made him a guest employee at the restaurant. He had half baked info about everything and that must be the reason why his cafe took a nosedive.

The quiet, reliable ones who has to be coaxed into sharing their names and native places. They are the hardworking, dependable ones willing to learn and grow to move up the career ladder.

The smart efficient one who are good at what they do,(they are educated to some level and with some experience too) and boy do they know it. You have to be careful with them, they are aware that you need them. We have to keep them on a comfortable leash with a word of praise, a pat on the back and sometimes a bit of curtness to keep them grounded.

The really young ones, just past the legal age, with a lot of energy, wanting to make money for the family back home. These guys are full of potential willing to move up the ranks from dishwasher to head chef in the kitchen through hardwork and determination.

All these colours strong in their own right standing bright and blending together at times to form a pretty picture which will make the restaurant glisten like a rainbow after a rainy day.

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