Fun n Frolic

Humans, a social species have been trading since ancient times in different forms. Earlier market days would be once a week or probably monthly in most places. People from the surrounding regions would come to trade their wares, money would exchange hands or the age old tradition of barter where goods are exchanged to fulfill requirements. The gathering would have entertainers, singers, local farm produce and goodies made by enterprising women. With limited stock, once which is sold out they would be happy and done for the day.

In the today’s world, store are open almost 24/7, with home deliveries, we also have online stores without time constraints, Sunday is also a day of work for these entrepreneurs with hardly any holidays. Despite all this ’Us’ human beings are wired to age old traditions, we keep bringing them back with modern twists. The fun fairs, fete, flea markets are the modern market places which take place around festivals. The latest avataar has vendors from all over the country with intriguing products on display, budding designers get to showcase their designs. Local musicians, stand up comics, performers keep the visitors entertained. There is a designated food court serving delicious food.

We decided to be a part of one such flea market to promote the restaurant and make our presence visible to a large number of people. On reaching the vibrant green lawned venue, dotted with colorful kiosks with an abundance of products on display. The shopper in me wanted to browse the products immediately, but I managed to restrain it in favor of setting up our stall.

Unloading the heavy equipment required the muscle of a few our team members, after the initial chaos of deciding what should go where we got the place organised in no time. The first time is always a bit confusing, I am sure we will be pros for the next one. A group of friends drop in and want one of our cool, icy mocktails to beat the heat, the green icy drink tantalises other visitors and we get busy with the crowd asking for more. By late afternoon there is a lull in the visitors and we start doubting our decision to be a part of the event, little did we know it was the calmness before the storm sets in. by evening the smoke and the aroma of grilled food draws foodies eager to sample our menu and we were surrounded by eager people waiting for their turn to be served. The chef was busy turning the tikkas on the grill, me serving them, talking to guests, doling out info about the restaurant. And another person manning the mocktails. With all this going on the chef managed to sneak glances at the energetic zumba performers on stage. After the hustle bustle when we raised our heads, the sun had gone down completely, other stalls had been shut for the night and a few stragglers were relaxing on the grass.

We were bone tired and ravenous, the aroma of burgers drew our attention, a barter of food ensued, them appreciating the grills and us tucking in the burgers with gusto. Boy, what an excellent barter!!

A happy end to a gruelling day, we started making plans for the next day as we were sure it would be a busier day as Sunday always draws a bigger crowd which makes a Sunday event rocking.