Cash woes and honesty.

With the diktat issued by the prime minister of India, the mango people have gone in a ditzy, days spent in budgeting, saving small denomination rupees, takes you back to your student days where you would dig in money from all the secret hidden places of your room and bag. Each expenditure would be like going on a treasure hunt and if you managed to unearth some money from an obscure hidden place you would feel like a king worth a fortune at that moment. Digital money alias plastic money was a life jacket in the turbulent storm of cash crunch. Entrepreneurs came up with innovative methods to woo the customers back to spending money.i

Our restaurant looked lost and forlorn for a day or so, but people have to eat, after the initial scare the customers were back with plastic money and before ordering would enquire if we accepted cards. But with everyone relying on cards for payment the bank servers were overloaded and started wheezing and stalling. A group of young professionals paid by card after a hearty meal, the payment went through without any hiccups. The guys left and later we realised the payment did not reflect in our bank records, we were sort of flummoxed as to what to do. We did not have a phone number or any other info about them.

The next morning the guy called up saying that the payment did not go through and he would drop in the evening to sort out the issue. We were relieved as it was a sizable amount, imagine young strapping lads with a hearty appetite, out for a meal with friends, the quantity of food they could tuck in was substantial. Our faith in humanity restored that there are decent, honest guys with strong moral values in this world.

The other face of humanity, a couple dropped in for a meal, their payment went through but again the same thing no record in our statement, luckily this time we had their cell phone number. On calling them, the guy flatly refused to pay, we also managed to unearth their address and the lady of the house resisted paying, saying the husband would pay for it once he returned home. Repetitive calls, visits later we have given up hope of receiving that small amount.

Us humans are prone to being judgemental, we would think a group of guys would be likely to cheat compared to a married couple, but then appearances can be deceiving and let's not fall prey to stereotypes. The human race still has a lot of morality and ethics instilled in them. A few will dupe you, but let’s not be cynical and distrust everyone.