Tall, with mile long legs in six inch heels, dressed in miniscule(made up of itsy bitsy bits of fabric, a five year old child’s dress would be bigger) black outfits, perfectly made up faces at 6:00 in the morning. I step in the restaurant early for a photo shoot scheduled for the contestants of a popular national beauty pageant and am hit by a double whammy of glamour. Bags strewn on every table and chair, models preening in the mirror to check for flaws in their perfectly made up faces, pouting at their cell phone camera to click selfies.

They needed natural light and a location for their portfolio shots, in comes Grillicious. They hold poses for long minutes till the perfect shot at different angles is clicked. The team of young boys, all starry eyed at their beck and call at the breakfast buffet table eager to serve the models. They tuck in a healthy breakfast, the girls are reed thin,(I felt like a giant blob of fat next to them, but I am not an aspiring beauty contestant) I had doubts whether they would eat, but they did.

A few days earlier, a frantic phone call from an unknown number saying,(have to answer every unknown number, can’t be choosy and miss out on prospective clients) “ ma’m, I have been to your restaurant, I love it, I have also written a glowing review on Zomato (the holy grail of eating out, most of them don’t eat at a restaurant without consulting it) about my dining experience”, all this got my antennas on alert, as this kind of start can only lead to asking of some favor from me. He wanted a location to shoot a web series as the place he had chosen did not have enough light, he clarified saying it is a comic series with no vulgarity. The whims and fancies of creative geniuses is hard to fathom, I found myself agreeing with a few ground rules. I am a sucker for politeness and creative talent.

Afternoons are slow and laid back at the restaurant, these guys had the place to themselves, the trio did the shooting with minimum fuss, enlisting a server to play a miniscule role, who was more than happy to be a part of a shoot, I am blessed with an enthusiastic team. By late evening, they were done, thanked me profusely for the location with promises that the restaurant name will be featured prominently in the series they bid adieu.

Two different shoots one glamourous with oomph, the other artsy and earthy, both tied together with dreams and aspirations to shine bright in this tough, boring world. I was more than happy to help them move a step closer to reach the stars.